Soaring Through the Universe!

Astronomy Through Children's Literature
Joanne C. LetwinchSoaring Through the Universe

 Educators can launch excitement and learning in the classroom with the activities in this book. Adhering to the National Science Standards, Letwinch's useful guide is packed with engaging  learning projects based on lively retellings of traditional folktales and myths. Everything needed to teach students about the Moon, the Sun, planets, stars, flight, and aerospace science is here --  from reproducible activities and project ideas to reading and reference lists.

Each chapter focuses on a theme, such as the Moon or the stars, and combines myths and stories with language arts, math,  science, art, music, and multiple intelligences. For further exploration and learning, the author lists hundreds of additional resources -- even Web sites, musical resources, and  organizations concerned with astronomy. Ideas that can be adapted to virtually any piece of literature are included in a final chapter.Joanne C. Letwinch

Space science and exploration have become an increasingly important part of our everyday world, and today's students will  undoubtedly use their knowledge of this area for the rest of their lives. With its practical blend of literature and science, this book stimulates student interest and learning. A wonderful resource  for the teacher resource shelf in the school library, this book will appear to any educator who wants to liven up a science class.
Grades 3-6.

Joanne C. Letwinch is a fourth-grade teacher at Haddonfield  Public Schools in Haddonfield, New Jersey.

Publication date: March 1999 xvi, 191 p. 8 1/2 X 11 paper
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